The proposed residential project at 1301 Sixteenth Street is a new six-story building that features: 

  • 172 rental units

  • 60% of units are family-sized (2 bedrooms or larger)

  • Average unit size of 787 square feet

  • 6,868 square feet of ground floor retail space

  • 3,764 square feet of ground floor PDR space

  • 111 vehicle parking spaces (65%)

  • 260 secure bicycle parking spaces (1.5 spaces per unit)

  • Improved pedestrian experience

  • High quality landscaped open space provided in a south-facing courtyard and roof deck designed by Fletcher Studio

  • 12 flexible occupancy residences along Wisconsin & Carolina Streets

The building has a modern design approach. Its form is divided into distinct masses, each detailed using a simple palette of glass and thin high-density stratified timber panels. Most of the building’s façade has two layers with the outer layer consisting of transparent glass or timber panels of varying wood finishes; and the inner layer consisting of timber panels with varying wood grain finishes. Between these two layers are deep terraces, which help to activate the building’s exterior while enhancing its residential character.