The proposed residential project is located in the flats north of Portrero Hill, in an area that is distinct from the rest of the neighborhood because of its industrial character. The neighborhood as a whole is known for its sunny weather, its spectacular views the San Francisco skyline and Bay, and proximity to popular destinations.

The project site is located in the larger Showplace Square/Potrero Hill Plan Area and is zoned Urban Mixed Use (UMU), which is intended to serve buffer between residential districts and industrially-zoned areas. Specifically this 16th-17th Street transit corridor has been rezoned to encourage the development of new housing—especially along the south side of 16th Street—mixed with remaining PDR uses. The rest of Potrero Hill is residential with small-scale zoning to protect the existing character of the neighborhood.  

The project is well served by transit, being located less than three blocks from three different Muni lines (10, 19, and 22 ) and just about a mile from both the 16th Street BART station and the 22nd Street Clatrain station. SFMTA, as part of MUNI Forward, proposed the 22 Fillmore Transit Priority Project that includes a variety of safety and service improvements along 16th Street. In the meantime, SFMTA launched a new, temporary bus route called the 55 16th Street line that runs between 16th Street BART and Mission Bay.

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