This is an informational site for the proposed Potrero Flats residential project at 1301 16th Street in the Portrero Hill neighborhood. On these pages you will become more acquainted with the proposed building design, its neighborhood context, and the approval process. Thank you for visiting and for your participation.





The proposed residential project at 1301 Sixteenth Street is a new six-story building that features: 

  • 172 rental units

  • 60% of units are family-sized (2 bedrooms or larger)

  • Average unit size of 787 square feet

  • 6,868 square feet of ground floor retail space

  • 3,764 square feet of ground floor PDR space

  • 111 vehicle parking spaces (65%)

  • 260 secure bicycle parking spaces (1.5 spaces per unit)

  • Improved pedestrian experience

  • High quality landscaped open space provided in a south-facing courtyard and roof deck designed by Fletcher Studio

  • 12 flexible occupancy residences along Wisconsin & Carolina Streets

The building has a modern design approach. Its form is divided into distinct masses, each detailed using a simple palette of glass and thin high-density stratified timber panels. Most of the building’s façade has two layers with the outer layer consisting of transparent glass or timber panels of varying wood finishes; and the inner layer consisting of timber panels with varying wood grain finishes. Between these two layers are deep terraces, which help to activate the building’s exterior while enhancing its residential character.     





The proposed residential project is located in the flats north of Portrero Hill, in an area that is distinct from the rest of the neighborhood because of its industrial character. The neighborhood as a whole is known for its sunny weather, its spectacular views the San Francisco skyline and Bay, and proximity to popular destinations.

The project site is located in the larger Showplace Square/Potrero Hill Plan Area and is zoned Urban Mixed Use (UMU), which is intended to serve buffer between residential districts and industrially-zoned areas. Specifically this 16th-17th Street transit corridor has been rezoned to encourage the development of new housing—especially along the south side of 16th Street—mixed with remaining PDR uses. The rest of Potrero Hill is residential with small-scale zoning to protect the existing character of the neighborhood.  

The project is well served by transit, being located less than three blocks from three different Muni lines (10, 19, and 22 ) and just about a mile from both the 16th Street BART station and the 22nd Street Clatrain station. SFMTA, as part of MUNI Forward, proposed the 22 Fillmore Transit Priority Project that includes a variety of safety and service improvements along 16th Street. In the meantime, SFMTA launched a new, temporary bus route called the 55 16th Street line that runs between 16th Street BART and Mission Bay.

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Sixteenth Street Center, LLC is an entity managed by Ronaldo Cianciarulo. Ronaldo has been active in real estate since the early 1970s and has redeveloped numerous commercial and industrial buildings primarly throughout the South of Market. Notably, Ronaldo performed a "certified historic renovation" of the Baker Hamilton building which is listed on the National Register" and currently the home of Adobe software.  



Structural Engineers

DCI Engineers has long been on the leading edge when it comes to industry technology. They seek to combine the promise of new technology with their history of innovative ideas. DCI is based in Seattle, with offices in Spokane, Portland, San Diego, Austin, Irvine, Eugene, San Francisco, and Anchorage.


Developer and Architect

Workshop1 is a real estate development, architecture and brokerage practice focused on modern and sustainable residential projects that enhance their communities. Their projects are located in walkable urban neighborhoods throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our team is led by Michael Pitler and William Mollard, an architect and broker respectively, both of whom have diverse backgrounds in all aspects of real estate development. Through their unique integrated approach, Workshop1 delivers innovative projects of exceptional quality.



Landscape Architect

Fletcher Studio is an innovative and award winning collaborative practice based in the Dogpatch. The firm provides comprehensive professional services in Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, and Environmental Planning. The firm is committed to a collaborative and contextual approach to spatial design practice and to the planning of unique and sustainable landscapes, urban spaces, and living infrastructures. Design and planning solutions come from the interaction with the many people, processes, histories, policies, economies and ecologies that are specific to a place.





Below is a schedule of events and milestones pertaining to the outreach and approval process for the proposed development at 1301 16th Street. Thank you for your participation.




April 28, 2016

Planning Commission Hearing
Room 400, City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

Planning Commission unanimously approves proposed project at 1301 16th Street.

April 14, 2016

Community Plan Exemption Published 

Publication of the Community Plan Exemption (CPE) for the Project, required as part of the environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

October 27, 2015

Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Meeting #3

October 17, 2015

Potrero Hill Festival

September 16, 2015

Potrero Boosters Development Subcommittee Meeting

July 14, 2015

Publication of Transportation Impact Study 

June 1, 2015

Potrero Boosters Development Subcommittee Meeting

January 14, 2015 8:30am

San Francisco Housing Action Coalition Endorses Project
Steinberg Architects, 98 Battery Street 

Second presentation of the Project to the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition Project Review group. See official endorsement letter here.

June 24, 2014

Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Meeting #2

June 19, 2014

Filing of Large Project Authorization application

May 29, 2014

Transportation Impact Study begins

March 25, 2014

Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Meeting #1

February 26, 2014

San Francisco Housing Action Coalition
Steinberg Architects, 98 Battery Street 

First presentation of the Project to the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition Project Review group.

September 6, 2013

Filing of Environmental Evaluation application

August 15, 2013

Pre-application Neighborhood Meeting

May 31, 2013

Filing of Preliminary Project Assessment application








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The San Francisco Housing Action Coalition formally endorsed the project on February 4th, 2015. After reviewing the project twice, during subsequent presentations, SFHAC endorsed the project saying that it "has many merits and will contribute to SFHAC's mission of increasing the supply of well-designed, well-located housing in San Francisco." To read the full SFHAC endorsement letter click here.


GrowSF formally endorsed the project on April 6, 2016. To read the full GrowSF endorsement letter click here.




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